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Architecture drives my creativity yielding to simple and dynamic geometric forms and shapes of jewelry.

I have graduated from the Architecture University of Thessaly, Greece. In 2008 I started designing my first jewelry collection after attending seminars on jewelry making in Athens. Architecture drives my creativity leading to simple and dynamic geometric forms and shapes of jewelry. The challenge I face each time is the harmonization and ”communication” of each piece of jewelry with the human body, its movement and structure, so I experimented with different scales and perspectives while at the same time I create simple lines that embrace and highlight the body. I do not see jewelry as a decorative object but as an interaction with the character and personality of the individual. Minimalistic architecture, textures, colors and lines of the landscape as well as geometric shapes are some of the most important influences that stimulate my creativity. Altering the scale of landscapes or landscape elements, massive or tiny can trigger the beginning of a new design of a project or a series.

Amphitheater Collection
Amphitheater collection is inspired by the top view of the ancient Greek theater and conceived as a connection of architecture and jewelry art. The basic parts of it such as the orchestra and cavea (stairs, cunei) kept intact, create a unit that is repeated and involved in a brooch, necklace, ring or earrings. It is placed on the body sometimes conventionally and sometimes subversively to be adjusted to the human scale. This collection is comprised of ancient Greek elements and modern design, leading to an elegant result with subsistence even if basic design rules are not discrete by the observer.

Greek Culture promotion award 2019 by A Jewel Made In Greece

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